Beauty in unexpected places: Mural behind Core Power Yoga on Nevada

By Sondra Meyer

It was a cold, bleak, snowy morning in down town Colorado Springs.    The sky was grey.   The ground was white and the trees looked dead.    Even on a sunny day, there is nothing particularly appealing about the alleys, parking lots, and the backside of buildings in down town Colorado Springs.

This was a new discovery for me because I’m generally at the Core Power Yoga studio on Nevada when it is dark outside and the parking lot is full.  (The Core Power Yoga studio on Nevada St has incredible hot yoga classes.  My favorite class time is between 8-9 pm.)   Anyway, since I’m normally at the studio when it is dark, I was only faintly aware of the mural.

Every time that I look at my photograph, I notice different details in the mural.The figures along the top depict different yoga poses.It is my understanding that the center section shows a Genesha.I’m not going to pretend that I understand all of the symbolism in the mural.For

Douglas Rouse believes that murals such as this one are a way to “beautify Colorado Springs in a visual art fashion.”

Douglas Rouse has done a wonderful job of turning boring buildings into noteworthy works of arts in Colorado Springs. 


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