Douglas Rouse is an internationally-seasoned visual artist, specializing in Murals, 3D Interactive Paintings, and Speed Painting.

Douglas Rouse

Douglas Rouse

Artist Douglas Rouse, a.k.a. ROUSE 66, has reached new levels of excitement, including new contracts in Cairo, Egypt and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the introduction to museum work.

His unique talent allows him to be virtually limitless in subject matter and style. Quoted as being “the most versatile artist in Colorado” Rouse continues to reinvent himself and is open to any challenge. His company, ROUSE 66 Inc, celebrates nearly 25 years in business and boasts a dependable reputation.

“There has not yet been a request that I could not fulfill.”

Rouse prides himself on being a non-linear thinker and easy to work with. He likes to travel, to be challenged, be creative, build community and have lots of fun while doing all of the above.


His career began in 1992 while living in Hamburg, Germany. He started as an illustrator for German advertising agencies and a music library company (EMI). Quickly he morphed into a set painter for commercial film and music videos for artists such as Lionel Richie and Rammstein. Painting large sets became his inspiration to create murals on a large scale.

His nine years in Europe and many years in Colorado have meshed into a powerful and reliable artistic direction.


Any theme, any style, any surface. Based in Colorado Springs, Rouse has painted hundreds of murals locally, both residential and commercial. His murals are inspired by and often have the illusion of trompe l’oeil*. Some of his public murals can been seen throughout downtown Colorado Springs, at the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center and at the Pikes Peak Heritage Center in Cripple Creek.


In 2005 Rouse created his first anamorphic, also known as 3D, chalk drawing on pavement at the Denver Chalk Art Festival. He’s been winning awards and entertaining corporations ever since. 2013 marked the release of “PIA Paintings”™- (meaning Permanent, Interactive and Anamorphic*). PIA Paintings™ are anamorphic*/3D paintings done on canvas that can be easily transported and kept by the client for multiple-use, sold, or auctioned off for fundraising.

In 2015 Rouse took this to the next level and created a permanent 3D Interactive mural incorporating both the floor and a wall. This mural can be seen at the new “Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West.” The Garden of the Gods Visitor Center in Colorado Springs now has a permanent 3D Interactive mural as well, celebrating their 20th Anniversary.


This painting process is quick, flashy and entertaining, done on a rotating canvas using the fingers, hands or large brushes. Don’t leave your seat during the short performance or you may miss it!
Rouse has performed Speed Paintings for organizations and corporations such as the American Heart Association, Coca-Cola, X Games, the Gary Sinise Foundation, U.S. Army, SCAP, Caterpillar Inc., the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and many others.


Although mural painting is the main focus of his business he is a prolific contemporary artist. His works on canvas will be his main focus in the years to come. But for now, gallery shows of his work pop up randomly and he continues to create commissioned work for private clients. Original artwork and prints for sale will be available on the website as they develop.

Come, enjoy the visual journey of ROUSE 66! Visit www.rouse66.com.

*Anamorphic drawing basically refers to an image that is drawn extremely distorted, and looks “wrong” from most angles, but appears “correct” and three-dimensional when viewed from a particular point.

*Trompe L’oeil (pronounced: trump loy) literally means “deceive the eye” in French. This is a painting technique involving realistic imagery, perspective, light and shading which creates a three-dimensional optical illusion on a two-dimensional surface.


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